Land Use and Zoning Primer

This page provides information for the property owner to begin to understand the process and procedure of undertaking a project on their property.  For additional questions you may regarding the process, feel free to call us at 516 608-0349 or to contact us via the Contact Form.

We created this portion of the site to help customers and clients have a grasp of the process when embarking on a project. Transparency is important in a business relationship and, as such, we have taken this opportunity to point out salient facts relating to the process. 


Our company, Professional Land Use and Zoning Consultants, offers expert services that assist property owners in the planning and execution of any size project relating to land use and zoning.

Professional Land Use and Zoning Consultants services include, but are not limited to, assisting in the preparation of applications as well as representation at governmental hearings to effectuate the maximum planning and use of the owner's property.

Insure your dream project is seamless from the moment you envision it to the day it is completed, contact Professional Land Use and Zoning Consultants for their expertise and experience.



Prior to beginning a project in any town, village or city it is necessary to file a permit with the Building Department to begin the process. At this point in the process architectural plans are completed as well as the estimate cost the construction for the project.

The building permit is in essence asking permission of the town, village or city to build, expand and/or change the structure and/or the use of a property within their jurisdiction.

A fee for the permit is based on the estimated cost of the construction cost of the project.

 Once the property owner has submitted the application it will be assigned a file number

and be assigned to a Plans Examiner. The Plans Examiner responsibilties include ensuring the project complies with the following:


1. Zoning Compliance(Building Ordinace and Town, Village or CityCode)

2. State Building Code

3. Structural Intergity of the Project


5. Federal ADA; if applicable


Role of Board of Zoning Board of Appeals



Upon reveiwing the project the Plans Examiner will make a determination whether the project meets and adheres to the local town, village or city zoning code or ordinance. Often times a project may be tagged for violations that do not ahere to the building code or zonig ordinance. In this scenario, PROFESSIONAL LAND USE AND ZONING CONSULTANTS review the file and determine the objections set forth by the plan examiner. A simple solution may be that a research of the property records will reflect that a prior application by a prior property owner was granted the use that is objected to by the plan examiner. If, however, research of the reflects no such was intended for the property an application for a Variance will have to be made to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

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